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Door Access

We offer various door access systems to suit your business needs and requirements. Please feel free to contact us at (65) 6741 8181 for enquires.

Soyal Access Control System

  • Soyal AR-716E

    Soyal AR-716E is a networking controller.

    • Supports alarm output when device is disconnected
    • 4 Digital Inputs support Open All Doors function in case of emergency
    • Data and timer can be kept for 60 days after power down
    • Soyal AR-716E Specifications
  • Soyal AR-721H

    Soyal AR-721H is a controller type which either meant for Stand-Alone Support or Networking Support.

    • It consists of 11 sets of time zone, different time zone for each user.
    • Comes with built-in anti-tamper function
    • Event log preserved up to 10 years
    • Soyal AR-721H Specifications
  • Soyal AR-725H

    Soyal AR-725H is a touch panel controller and reader.

    • Comes with illuminated touch-Panel
    • Elegent design With 9 colors Housing to choose from
    • Built-in anti-temper function
    • Soyal AR-725H Specifications

Itec Biosense - Web Based Fingerprint Access Controller


BioSense is an outstanding access controller for its merit of several features. With the ability of IP connection that even brings BioSense not just work as a standalone but able to combine with controller to perform as a reader.
Mutli management method could either through software or the web page both firmly secure the whole system.