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Mitel Phone System

On-site Business Phone Systems

Mitel offers industry-leading unified communications solutions for businesses of all sizes.
Our on-site solutions are simple yet comprehensive, flexible and reliable.

With MiVoice Business, your business has everything it needs in an on-site unified communications and business phone system.
It is a business communication platform that delivers voice, messaging, mobility, presence, conferencing, collaboration and applications.

Platform for success

  • MiVoice Business is designed to meet the needs of businesses from 5 to 130,000 users, in a single site or multi-site network tat spans the globe.

Enhance Customer Experiences

  • MiContact Center Business nurtures profitable customer relationships by phone, chat and email.

Flexible Deployment

  • Software running Mitel Collaboration Service Applicances can be installed on industry-standard x-86 servers in a virtualized environment, which eliminates the need to support multiple appliances, especially for customers who choose a centralized UC deployment.

Fully integrated UC Suite

  • From secure teleworking to simplified teamwork solutions, our integrated UC suite has you covered.

Comprehensive Desktop Suite

  • The suite includes desktop phones, attendant consoles, softphones and accessories.

More than just a phone system, MiVoice Office 250 has the power to transform your small to mid-size business.
Whether you need a communications solution that supports digital handsets that can re-use existing wiring, or one that provides your business with access to the latest in IP phones and productivity enhancing applications, or even one that provides mobility solutions to support your employees on the go, the MiVoice Office 250 is the answer.

Features include:

  • Unified voice messaging with email synchronization
  • Voice conferencing – Meet Me and ad-hoc conferences
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Hot desking
  • Mobile phone twinning
  • STAR
  • Automated Attendant
  • IP networking

On-Site Phone System

    MiVoice Office 250
  • No need to combine tools from multiple vendors. MiVoice Office 250 delivers an end-to-end on-site phone and unified communications solution from a single provider.
  • IP telephony features including voicemail, auto attendant, music on hold and meet-me conferencing

MiVoice Office 250

A flexible and versatile communications and collaboration solution, specially designed for small and medium businesses.
The MiVoice Office 400 opens the full performance spectrum of modern business communications, meeting professional communications requirements by being highly responsive to innovations and new ways of working. The solution is designed for the small and medium segments, offering strong UCC, contact center and mobility functionality, as well as a broad phone portfolio, all completely integrated with the call manager.

Features include:

  • Support for Mitel’s broad phone portfolio (SIP, digital, analog)
  • Softphones with video, presence and chat
  • Mobility solutions (DECT, SIP-DECT, Mobile Client)
  • Audio, web and video conferencing
  • CTI clients with presence and UC
  • Operators (phone-based, PC-based with side phone, PC-based with VoIP)
  • Services (directory integration, building automation, click-to-call and more)
  • Vertical solutions for: Hotel and tourism: Mitel 400 Hospitality Package and Healthcare: Alarming, billing, notification and nurse call

A Flexible, Geographically Dispersed Solution

  • MiVoice Office 400 is the ideal solution even for companies with high requirements for flexible geographical dispersion.
  • Business users can connect any time from any device with a single number with access to the same recording options.

Excellent Customer Service as a Guarantee

  • Customer satisfaction is of prime importance for hotels, guest houses, care homes and any business offering guest management services. The Mitel 400 Hospitality Package is the ideal professional solution for communication and administrative tasks.
  • With the modular structure of the package and its seamlessly matching components, it is the perfect solution both for small businesses with as few as four rooms to those offering a high level of comfort with up to 600 rooms.

MiVoice Connect

On-site unified communications and business phone system.
MiVoice Connect delivers a different approach to business communications. We focus on your most important assets – your people and their goals – and remove impediments to free-flowing communications so your team can focus on relationships, ideas and growth, not getting technology to work.

Features include:

  • Connect mobile app
  • Third-party integrations
  • Productivity apps
  • Operator
  • Softphone
  • Director
  • Event Wizard
  • Contact timeline
  • Call Routing
  • Voicemail
  • Music on hold
  • Automated attendant

CRM and Business Process Integrations

  • Deep integrations help you personalize every customer touchpoint.
  • Embed calling features directly into Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics and other popular business apps to increase productivity.
  • Integrate call and customer histories for more visibility into business performance and trends.
  • Extend the functionality of your MiVoice Connect phone system with over 40 advanced apps and integrations.

Exceptional User Experience

  • All-in-one unified communications and collaboration that revolutionizes the way you work. The Mitel 400 Hospitality Package is the ideal professional solution for communication and administrative tasks.
  • One screen for everything.
  • VoIP call control, mobility, instant messaging, audio and web conferencing.
  • Smart features like Join Button, event wizard, agenda timer and conference call-out do the work for you.
  • Meet and collaborate with any contact automatically.

Robust Phone System Features

  • Proven end-to-end performance that delivers rich features and reliable upgrades.
  • Ergonomic IP phones with full-featured call handling keys, five call handling modes for personalized routing and seven octaves of superior sound quality
  • IP PBX telephony features include voicemail, auto attendant, workgroup features and music on hold
  • Mitel Services support available for deployment planning, implementation and ongoing monitoring.

MiVoice Connect

Creating Secure Workspaces for Mobile and Remote Employees.
The traditional office is transforming. Workers are now more mobile than ever before and having work location flexibility is a desired workplace perk. To enable employee fluidity, yet ensure productivity, companies can build upon their Mitel® IP-PBX investment and extend unified communications capabilities to remote workers via IP phones, soft phones and more with MiVoice Border Gateway’s session border control capabilities.

Features include:

  • Teleworker service
  • SIP trunk proxy service
  • Application Web proxy service
  • IPv6 Application Layer Gateway
  • Secure recording connections
  • WebRTC gateway
  • Secure workspaces with high-grade security that includes signaling and media authentication
  • Remote management service

Comprehensive Solution For Reliable, Secure Communications

  • With multiple co-resident services on a single platform, organizations can create superior voice quality connections while enjoying comprehensive threat protection, strict access control and privacy.
  • This enables remote employees to work and collaborate securely any time, anywhere.

MiVoice Connect

A flexible communication and collaboration solution addressing medium and large market with up to 300,000 users.

Features include:

  • SIP-based multimedia solution
  • Flexible deployment: on-site or managed services
  • Unified communications and collaboration suite
  • Multi-channel contact center
  • Video conferencing
  • Unified messaging
  • Mobile applications
  • Broad phone portfolio (SIP, DECT, analog, digital)
  • Vertical-specific applications
  • Extensive reporting functionality
  • One-point entry management suite

A Feature-Rich SIP-Based Multi-Media Solution

  • MiVoice 5000 is one of the most comprehensive software applications on the market, with over 500 functions.
  • It is available for full IP operations on standard servers. Each server hosts up to 20,000 IP subscribers.
  • MiVoice 5000 is also VMware compatible, with suitable deployment options (CapEx or Managed Services).

MiVoice Connect

Mitel’s flagship real-time UCC solution for on-site deployment for medium and large businesses.
MiVoice MX-ONE delivers feature-rich unified communications and collaboration, as well as contact center capabilities that enable faster and more effective business communications. By integrating voice, video and data with mobility, enterprises will benefit from increased productivity, particularly for users on the move inside and outside the office.

Features include:

  • Complete SIP-based solution
  • On-site or private cloud deployment
  • Multi-media communication and collaboration
  • Omni-channel contact center
  • Video conferencing and team collaboration
  • Unified messaging
  • Mobile applications
  • Broad phone portfolio
  • Vertical-specific applications
  • Extensive reporting functionality
  • One-point entry management suite

Wide Range Solution

  • The MiVoice MX-ONE solution meets the UCC needs of a wide range of industries and customers.
  • To date, the MiVoice MX-ONE solution is deployed in vertical organizations in the worlds of travel, transport, education, manufacturing, healthcare, emergency services, public safety, local authorities, finance, insurance, tourism and many more.
  • Additionally, the MiVoice MX-ONE solution has a history of offering investment protection to an impressive installed base of more than 60,000 customers in over 120 countries.

Security and Resiliency

  • MiVoice MX-ONE features security and resiliency options for today’s demanding IT organizations moving toward digital transformation.
  • The solution has a huge footprint in segments that require a high level of security and reliability, like finance, government, education and more.


  • IPedge® (formally Toshiba IPedge®) was made for businesses that need sophisticated communications but want the phone system to be as simple as possible to own, use and manage.
  • The IPedge® ES server, the newest member of the award-winning family of IPedge VoIP business communications systems, is perfectly sized and priced for the small office with fewer than 24 employees, yet delivers big business features, including UCedge Essentials for mobility and UC, business continuity and networking, along with easily transferrable licenses for growth and migration to a larger capacity IPedge EP, EC or EM platform in the future.

Mitel Collaboration Service Applicance

  • The Mitel Collaboration Service Appliances – SA 100, SA 400 and the Virtual SA – are sealed appliances, optimized for resiliency and security.
  • They are designed to run Mitel Premises Collaboration software, including instant messaging, audio conferencing and desktop sharing for Windows and Mac. Mitel Premises Mobility and Mitel Conferencing for Apple iOS users are also supported.

Mitel Connect Hybrid

  • Take advantage of the best features of cloud and on-site deployments.
  • You love the solid performance and control of your Mitel on-site phone system, but you're attracted to the immediacy and convenience that comes with a managed cloud service.
  • Choose to deploy both with a Mitel Connect Hybrid solution. You'll benefit from a flexible, adaptable and strategic approach to unified communications system deployment.
  • You love the solid performance and control of your Mitel on-site phone system, but you're attracted to the immediacy and convenience that comes with a managed cloud service.
  • Choose to deploy both with a Mitel Connect Hybrid solution. You'll benefit from a flexible, adaptable and strategic approach to unified communications system deployment.

Mitel Connect Small Business Edition 100

  • Enterprise commmunication at a SMB price.
  • Mitel believes the needs of small and medium businesses are as comprehensive as those of larger enterprises.
  • That is why we offer the Mitel Connect Small Business Edition 100 (SBE 100) –a full-featured communications and collaboration solution that empowers users to work more efficiently and productively – at an SMB price.
  • Our focus on ease-of-use and the mobile workstyle delivers streamlined features and intuitive interfaces so users can easily interact with each other and not have to focus on making the software work.

Mitel SIP Overview

  • Cut costs. Keep your current phone system.
  • Whether you’re looking to begin the transition to the cloud or simply want to save on telecom, Mitel SIP delivers high quality, reliable digital voice service without the costs of hardware.

Mitel Streamline

  • Simplify your migration to IP.
  • Mitel StreamLine ensures you can IP-enable legacy voice environments – quickly, easily, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Mitel Business Console

  • The MiVoice Business Console is a completely PC-based call-handling setup with an intuitive graphical user interface for the department or office attendant.
  • Using an intuitive user interface, the MiVoice Business Console offers quick access to call processing and telephony features – all from your PC.
  • With teleworker support, the corporate answering point is flexible and mobile.
  • Attendants can now work from anywhere, at anytime.

MiVoice Office 3300 Controller

  • Purpose-Built Hardware Designed to Address a Variety of Business Needs.
  • Mitel 3300 Controllers are specifically designed hardware platforms on which MiVoice Business can reside.
  • Mitel 3300 Controllers are available in several variants – CX II / CXi II, MXe II and AX – with each offering unique capabilities to address a wide range of business needs.

MiVoice Wireless Messaging Gateway

  • The WSM Gateway is a hardware-plus-embedded-software solution that includes one hardware base unit and two optional licenses, as described below.
  • The Mitel Wireless Services Messaging (WSM) gateway enables the wireless phones to function as two-way messaging and alarming devices allowing integration to other enterprise systems or specialized applications to provide mobile workers access to real-time critical information.


  • Digital and IP Telephone System Unite for Businesses of All Sizes
  • Whether your location has 10 users or 1,000, the Strata® CIX (formerly Toshiba Strata® CIX) can be easily networked together to add capacity or link multiple locations into a cohesive, company-wide phone system, helping you maximize your return on investment.
  • One network, with centralized administration, powerful features.

Mitel Voice Switches and Router

  • The key to MiVoice Connect availability is our distributed architecture.
  • Highly reliable and intelligent, these switches unify communications across multiple enterprise locations, supporting IP phones, analog devices and a variety of trunk interfaces.
  • Mitel ST Voice Switches manage Mitel IP phones and analog lines, as well as PSTN and ITSP trunks.

Mitel Applications

Mitel’s applications can increase productivity and efficiency via voice, video and text applications.