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Unified Communication Solutions

Mitel Phone System

On-site Business Phone Systems

Mitel offers industry-leading unified communications solutions for businesses of all sizes.
Our on-site solutions are simple yet comprehensive, flexible and reliable.

With MiVoice Business, your business has everything it needs in an on-site unified communications and business phone system.
It is a business communication platform that delivers voice, messaging, mobility, presence, conferencing, collaboration and applications.

Platform for success

  • MiVoice Business is designed to meet the needs of businesses from 5 to 130,000 users, in a single site or multi-site network tat spans the globe.

Enhance Customer Experiences

  • MiContact Center Business nurtures profitable customer relationships by phone, chat and email.

Flexible Deployment

  • Software running Mitel Collaboration Service Applicances can be installed on industry-standard x-86 servers in a virtualized environment, which eliminates the need to support multiple appliances, especially for customers who choose a centralized UC deployment.

Fully integrated UC Suite

  • From secure teleworking to simplified teamwork solutions, our integrated UC suite has you covered.

Comprehensive Desktop Suite

  • The suite includes desktop phones, attendant consoles, softphones and accessories.

MiVoice Connect

Creating Secure Workspaces for Mobile and Remote Employees.
The traditional office is transforming. Workers are now more mobile than ever before and having work location flexibility is a desired workplace perk. To enable employee fluidity, yet ensure productivity, companies can build upon their Mitel® IP-PBX investment and extend unified communications capabilities to remote workers via IP phones, soft phones and more with MiVoice Border Gateway’s session border control capabilities.

Features include:

  • Teleworker service
  • SIP trunk proxy service
  • Application Web proxy service
  • IPv6 Application Layer Gateway
  • Secure recording connections
  • WebRTC gateway
  • Secure workspaces with high-grade security that includes signaling and media authentication
  • Remote management service

Comprehensive Solution For Reliable, Secure Communications

  • With multiple co-resident services on a single platform, organizations can create superior voice quality connections while enjoying comprehensive threat protection, strict access control and privacy.
  • This enables remote employees to work and collaborate securely any time, anywhere.

Mitel Applications

Mitel’s applications can increase productivity and efficiency via voice, video and text applications.