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Toshiba IP communication systems help you keep your customers connected and employee productivity at its peak. This versatile system supports many types of mobility endpoints and devices, including SoftIPT® soft phone for notebook computers, wireless IP telephones, and cordless telephones.

umobility phone

Toshiba offers an easy and convenient way to answer your office phone from your smart phone - anytime, anywhere. uMobility is compatible with most cellular service providers and with many popular smartphones that use the Windows Mobile or Symbian operating systems, iPhone® and Blackberry® devices.

Using uMobility with Toshiba Strata® CIX™ systems helps enterprises reduce communication costs. By using the enterprise wireless LAN for voice calls instead of costlier cellular minutes, enterprises get the best of both Wi-Fi® and cellular coverage from a single device. When a user is in the cellular network, uMobility continues to reduce costs by routing calls through the enterprise network, minimizing costs for both domestic and international connections. Strata CIX users gain increased mobility with no need to purchase additional cell phones, change carriers or buy expensive data plans. Instead, their smartphone functions as a mobile IP-PBX extension.

Allowing their smartphone to function as a business telephone gives your mobile workforce the best of both VoIP and cellular calling, including access to the device's telephone book contacts and call history functions. These functions are natively integrated with the uMobility client, resulting in a single application that meets the user's needs. There is virtually no learning curve with uMobility since each user is using his or her smartphone.

Softphone Functionality

umobility softphone

Toshiba gives you the power to stay connected using SoftIPT® soft phone clients that run on your laptop via your LAN or WLAN. You can roam anywhere WLAN and the Internet take you, maintaining most of the features available on Toshiba's IP telephones and digital telephones.

Toshiba's uMobility™ Fixed Mobile Convergence solution empowers mobile workers to make and answer their IP-PBX calls from virtually anywhere. Your smart cell phone (smartphone) functions as your IP-PBX extension phone, both while in the office via the wireless LAN and while out of the office via a cellular network.

  • A single device (smartphone) can connect through and be switched between wireline (via wireless LAN to IP-PBX) and wireless (cellular) networks.
  • Seamlessly move calls between the wireline and wireless networks during a call, and provide roaming and handoff between networks.
  • One number reach enables callers to dial your IP-PBX DID extension number and reach you on your desk telephone or cell phone, so you only have one number to give out for business purposes.
  • Outgoing calls from your smartphone use your IP-PBX extension caller identity for business calls.
  • Missed business calls go to the IP-PBX voice mail to leave messages, rather than the cell phone voice mail, so you have only one to check for all your business calls. And if you have unified messaging, these messages can reside in your inbox for both your deskphone and your smartphone.
  • PBX features extended to the smartphone include one number reach, enterprise dialing, call hold, call transfer, enterprise message waiting indication, and many more.

X86 Processor (Pentium 4, Xeon or ADM)
2GB RAM minimum
Free hard disk space
80GB minimum
Network Interface
100 /1000 Mbps
Operating System
CentOS Linux
Strata® CIX™ Compatibility
uMobility works with Toshiba's entire family of Strata CIX IP business communication systems.
Smartphone Compatibility
Smartphone client software is available for selected Symbian/Nokia, Windows® Mobile, iPhone and will support Blackberry devices in the future.
uMobility Server
The uMobility solution consists of server and client software. The uMobility server, called the uMobility Controller, connects the enterprise network and provides interface between uMobility clients and the Strata CIX.
uMobility Client
The uMobility Client is easily downloadable and configurable for WLAN capable Windows, Symbian, iPhone and Blackberry devices.