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Toshiba Telecommunication Solutions

  • Multiple telephone line support
  • Visual display for menu setup with drag and drop functionality
  • Supports concurrent PSTN and VoIP lines
  • Unlimited voice mail boxes (each with own email forward, internet access page or remote access)
  • Free professionally voiced greetings included
  • Text-to-speech voice synthesis as an alternative to recording or importing wav or mp3 files
  • Ability to forward messages by email or upload to Internet
  • Remote access messages over the network or Internet using your web browser
  • Listen to messages by dialing in
  • Save messages as wav or mp3 files
  • Unlimited (selectable) out-going messages and menus
  • Fully programmable setup with examples and free plugins available for typical applications
  • Call transfer (subject to your phone company or PBX features)
  • Call simulator is included so you can test your systems off-line
  • Call key select menus and ability for caller to enter numbers (data entry)
  • Auto-hours feature will turn voicemail on or off automatically at different times of day
  • Highly configurable and flexible Stand-alone or PC based voice mail system

VoIP based Call Centre consists of various modules like automated call distribution (ACD), SIP-PBX, Auto-attendant interactive Voice Responses (IVR), Unified Messaging solutions, fax servers, integrated media (voice and screen) recording, real-time monitoring, orchestrated to give a powerful call-centre management tool.

Some main key features and functions include:

  • Skill-based routing. Delivering the calls to the most appropriate agents in the shortest possible time
  • Muti-tenant. Most flexible way to categorize your incoming calls with different greetings and frontline announcement to cater to different customers of various needs
  • Deploy agents at home, branch offices, centralized or de-centralized call centers
  • Adopting VoIP to lower operating costs
  • Real-time monitorin. Knowing where your agents are and what they are doing
  • Quality management. Playback recorded conversations to determine the quality of answers and performance of the call centre agents
  • Leverage on customer relationship management software to provide rich content interface
  • Friendly reports to provide data mining
  • Provide macros for customization of reports
  • Easy translate from tables to charts for visual presentation
  • Drill down functions for investigations

Establish a great business telecommunication network that is excellent in cost savings for mobile, out-stationed, or sales personnel.

Toshiba mobility solutions at a glance:

  • Light client interface installed on Windows mobile base mobile phones
  • Transparent application allows users to use their mobile phones as the typical office telephone extension
  • All calls made and received are charged locally even when users are overseas

The following are just a few of the CTI software options and features available from Toshiba:

  • Launch Online Applications - Based upon caller information, specific PC, Unix or Web applications can be automatically launched using our telephony software
  • Caller Identification (ANI) - Information from an existing database can appear on-screen when your telephone rings and remains on the screen during the call
  • Called Number Identification (DNIS) - Specific campaign information can be displayed from the application based upon the number dialed by the caller
  • IVR Collected Information - Data collected by the phone from the caller (DTMF signals and recorded information) can be passed to your application by our phone software. Our computer telephony integration software manages this process and frees agents to be more productive
  • Auto Dialing - Point and click any phone number in your computer database or softphone and the telephone will dial the call - a must for maximizing the productivity of outbound telemarketing or call center service desks
  • Voice Broadcast - Calls can be automatically broadcast to large numbers of individuals playing recorded messages - ideal for emergencies or mass communications
  • Predictive Dialing - Calls can be launched from our phone dialer and connected to your agents using our computer telephony software
  • Online Call Center Reporting - includes online reports plus the ability to customize reports and graphs to your specific needs.

Toshiba Video Conferencing solutions is ready to work with the Strata CIX systems including multiple systems networked via Strata Net. Pre-installed when shipped with the Strata Media Application Server (MAS) and managed by VCSManager, VCS easily extends the user’s multi media experience with the VCS client running on their Windows XP computer.

  • Video–Friendly and easy to use automatic interface, allows users to see, hear and interact with each other, without having to click a mouse or push a button to start or stop their video communication.
  • Collaboration–The VCS collaboration console enables Strata users to share their desktop, applications or documents. Users can collaborate on projects or workgroup discussions and can edit the same materials during their voice communication session (independent of video).
  • File Transfer–The VCS File Transfer console enables easy sending/receiving of fi les during collaboration sessions.
  • Message Board–An easy to use Message Board console enables VCS users to type text messages during collaboration sessions.
  • Functionality is integrated into the telephony capabilities, with features specifically tailored to handle video telephony, including Automatic start and log on options, Default Video Display On or Off, Select Default Video Display Setting, Self Video Preview, Station Hunting, Video Forward, Video Hold, Video Park/Pickup (local node only), Video Transfer

Network eManager®. A simple, yet powerful tool for deploying and maintaining your Strata® CIX™ telephony features and Stratagy® ES voice processing features. Authorized personnel can easily maintain the system via modem, direct connection, or your LAN/WAN from any location. Whether you have one Strata CIX system or many networked together, Network eManager makes it easy.

Network eManager can manage a single site or a group of CIX systems simultaneously in a single session. Centralized administration provides many advantages:

  • Simultaneous system-wide back-ups save time by eliminating the need to back-up each system individually
  • Simultaneous system changes to all systems, regardless of the type of Strata CIX or location, ensure data consistency across all systems
  • Simultaneous log-in to all systems or any combination of Strata CIX systems at the same time
  • Simultaneous upgrades push new software to all Strata CIX systems, eliminating the need to individually upgrade each system
  • Active Directory Services database sync technology enables export/import of data to speed set-up and programming of Strata CIX systems
  • Excel spreadsheet import utility also speeds data entry and increases input accuracy

eMonitor. The Strata CIX Network eMonitor software application provides system alarm and monitoring functionality, either locally or remotely over TCP/IP. System alarms can be logged and/or sent to up to 11 unique IP addresses, so system administrators and/or dealer support personnel can take corrective action. System Management for Individual Users

My Phone Manager®. Via a web browser, users can program buttons, personalize their telephone functions, and work smarter than ever–freeing the system administrator to perform other tasks. Every user can customize their telephone to incorporate the features they use the most.

We are ready to provide consulting on all your telecommunication needs from basic system requirements to complex unified communication platforms, digital or IP-based.