Toshiba Data Dynamics


Memory Product - SD Card

Capacity Quick Reference

SDXC Memory Card
SDHC Memory Card
SD Memory Card
Still pictures (*1)
5million pixels [1.4MB]
40,670 pictures
20,330 pictures
10,160 pictures
5,080 pictures
2,540 pictures
1,270 pictures
6million pixels [1.7MB]
33,700 pictures
16,850 pictures
8,420 pictures
4,210 pictures
2,100 pictures
1,050 pictures
8million pixels [2.1MB]
27,110 pictures
13,550 pictures
6,770 pictures
3,380 pictures
1,690 pictures
840 pictures
10million pixels [3.1MB]
19,020 pictures
9,510 pictures
4,750 pictures
2,370 pictures
1,180 pictures
590 pictures
12million pixels [3.8MB]
15,520 pictures
7,760 pictures
3,880 pictures
1,940 pictures
970 pictures
480 pictures
15million pixels [5.0MB]
11,670 pictures
5,830 pictures
2,910 pictures
1,450 pictures
720 pictures
360 pictures
18million pixels [6.1MB]
9,620 pictures
4,810 pictures
2,400 pictures
1,200 pictures
600 pictures
300 pictures
*The amount of data needed to record still pictures and movies differs depending on the device in use, the subject being photographed, and the shooting conditions. This results in increases and decreases in both the available shooting time and the number of pictures that can be taken.

*1 Given a JPEG compression ratio of 1/4

When using this product, be sure to take a backup of the data saved on it. Please understand that Toshiba assumes no liability for the destruction or loss of data recorded on this product, regardless of the type or cause of the product failure or damage or loss.

Please use this product only with digital cameras, PDAs, printers, personal computers, and similar devices, and home appliances and general office equipment.
Toshiba assumes no liability for damage or losses due to use of this product with devices other than digital cameras, PDAs, printers, personal computers, and similar devices, and home appliances and general office equipment.
This product must never be used with devices (such as nuclear power control equipment, aerospace instruments, transportation equipment, traffic signal equipment, combustion control systems, medical equipment, and safety equipment) that require particularly high quality / reliability and / or whose failure or malfunction could cause a direct threat to life or cause bodily harm.

Note on formatting
SD/SDHC/SDXC cards are formatted. They do not need to be formatted again. Be sure to use a device has the SD/SDHC/SDXC card format function when formatting cards. Using other devices (such as personal computers) to format cards may damage the cards making it impossible to read or write data to the cards.