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EasyGuard technology provides enhancements in four key areas: Protect & Fix, for system integrity and diagnosis; Secure, for increased data security; Connect, for reliable network connectivity; and Optimize, for ease of use. With EasyGuard technology, Toshiba continues to address the everchanging needs of business users with innovations designed to ensure a better, more reliable and confident mobile computing experience.

Protect & Fix

Fortifies vital information and vulnerable components against the stress and hazards mobile computers are exposed to every day.

  • Shock Protection Design Delivers enhanced system component protection against drop, collision and physical impact.
  • HDD Protection Design Intelligent monitoring capabilities can predict and prevent HDD damage during a fall.
  • Toshiba RAID Technology Protects against data loss where all data is duplicated and saved on two drives simultaneously. User can continue computing with zero down time even when either HDD crashes.
  • Toshiba Data Backup Utility An application designed to allow you to easily back up data created on the PC and its configurations.
  • Toshiba Spill-resistant Keyboard Gives users enough time to save their data and shut down their notebook in the event of an accidental spill.


To defend your data and your notebook against loss, theft or viral attack.

  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) For protection of sensitive data, encryption and digital signatures to protect content and privacy.
  • Fingerprint Reader Single Sign On Fingerprint Reader supports user authentication and secure access (single sign-on), as well as easy selection, launch and control of applications for security and ease of use.
  • Toshiba Anti-theft Protection Timer Anti-theft Protection Timer prevents system access in case of theft or unauthorised use with a timer-activated BIOS password.


To help users establish a reliable wired or wireless connection effortlessly and quickly.

  • Diversity Antenna increases the reliability and stability of wireless connections with two WLAN antennae.
  • Toshiba Configfree™ and Toshiba Summit make it easy for non-technical users to connect to wired and wireless networks, 3G and Bluetooth™'99 devices as well as share files amongst locally connected users.


To enable users to customize system settings to be more productive.

  • The Toshiba Presentation Button A one-touch button that displays presentations on LCD projectors easily and instantaneously.
  • LCD Screen Rotation Utility Allows users to rotate a notebook screen image 180 degrees in order to share information on the screen with others seated across a table or desk.

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