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SelectServ Warranty Programs

Your Toshiba Notebook computer is an important and valuable investment. You deserve the security that an extended warranty provides. A warranty offered and fully supported by Toshiba. Our SelectServ warranty extension programs are available for any Toshiba notebook computers that are still in its warranty entitlement period.


  • Save money in repair costs
  • Protects your technology investment
  • Provides extended level of service
  • Fast and convenient repair services - Minimizes downtime, maximizes productivity

Select Serv

International or Local Limited Warranty Extension (Carry-in)

Extend warranty period up to 3 full years including all parts and labor costs, while enjoying toll-free technical support from Toshiba's leading technical support group.

International or Local Limited Warranty Extension PLUS (Carry in)

3rd Year Warranty extends the warranty period for Toshiba notebook computers, that carries a standard 1-year international limited warranty. You may purchase up to two (2) years of parts and labor local or international coverage in addition to the standard one (1) year international limited warranty, for a total of three (3) years from the initial date of purchase of the notebook.

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